Build in Focus: Impennata

Build in Focus: Impennata

Impennata stands as a pinnacle in coastal home design. A multiple award winning home, the design and build was a collaborative effort between architect Paul Jones from JCY Architects and builder Adrian Zorzi. Natural timber is prominent throughout the home and is contrasted with more industrial textures such as polished concrete and plaster. Among the 15 awards the home has won are a number of technical awards including awards for excellence in floor & wall tiling, ceilings, plastering and/or drywall, and painting. Here, Adrian speaks further about the creation of Impennata.

Q: There is a large use of timber finishes throughout the build. Where did the inspiration for this come from - was it something the client already had in mind or did it arise as part of the design process? 

Adrian Zorzi: The architects had the Pacific teak timber in mind as it ties in beautifully with the natural surrounds. In particular this timber weathers quite quickly to a beautiful silver/grey that has the same tones as the surrounding trees. Also, importantly, the timber is a very durable product and satisfied the BAL fire rating of the area. The client also specifically wanted the timber floors to be recycled boards from the Hornibrook Bridge in NSW. Quite a specific request, but they had seen it before in another home and had to have it in theirs so we made it happen!

Q: What were some of the original ideas that the client wanted to incorporate into the design? And what did you bring to the final design?

AZ: The client wanted a home that was in essence a ‘beach house’ that could be enjoyed by the whole family living indoors and out. The house needed to fit in to the surrounding landscape and be a beautiful home that was somewhat understated in its elegance. It also had to maximise the views of the ocean in every way, hence the large use of glass on the beach side.

Q: Nina Dempster oversaw the interior design of the home. Did an idea or inspiration for the interior styling of the home have any influence during the drafting phase of the project or did this come later?

AZ: The interior styling draws much from the overall feel of the home – an open and relaxed, yet functional place for the family to come together. The use of wood throughout the interior of the house gives a sense of flow and cohesion to the overall finish. The whites and greys keep things clean and ‘beachy’ and add to the sense of space, while the overall styling of the home is warmed with personal touches such as rugs hung on walls, brightly coloured artworks, throws and other textures.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the name 'Impennata'?

AZ: Roughly translated, Impennata means ‘to rise up’. It seemed like a perfect name as the house is situated at the top of a dune, emerging from the trees and natural surrounding area to stand proudly overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Q: Impennata has won a number of awards - are there any aspects of the design or build that you are particularly proud of?

AZ: The internal volume and feeling of space that has been created is one of the major drawcards of this home. Doors that are ceiling height make the rooms and passages feel opulent. The detail involved and time that was taken to create the timber lined ceilings, and the positioning of all of the elements of the internal layouts in order to completely maximise the views of the beach and surrounding landscape came together beautifully. The carpentry work, the cabinetry and the tiling in this home are all of the highest quality and stand as a testament to the meticulous work we put into the building of this house and the exacting standards we hold ourselves to on all projects.

Q: What are the standout points that make this house so perfect for Perth living?

AZ: Perth is a unique market that is able to offer buyers the benefits of a variety of lifestyles all within the one city. Impennata was designed primarily as a beach house, allowing the family to enjoy both the indoor and outdoor aspects of their home as well as taking full advantage of their coastal location. The coastal lifestyle is one that is revered in Perth and throughout WA – we love nothing better than to be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches our city and state are famous for!

The feeling of space throughout Impennata is another huge drawcard. We are lucky enough to still have the space to build larger homes in Perth, but even so, details such as the ceiling high doors, wide corridors and open plan living areas heighten that sense of space and openness and stop the build from feeling too closed off or confined, despite the secluded location of the house.


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