Building smarter

Building smarter

The terms ‘building smarter’ and ‘smart houses’ are often used in conjunction with talk of technology and the incredible things we are able to do because of it. But being smart about your build isn’t simply limited to the amount of gadgets you can fit inside four walls. Smart builds incorporate a variety of elements into their design, from their location, the functionality of the materials used and the wants and needs of the home owners.

So how do you begin to approach creating a ‘smart home’? Here we examine some ideas to carefully incorporate into your bespoke design for a truly clever build.

Build according to your location

Well-designed homes effectively incorporate the assets of the house’s surrounds to guide the overall design. More than just a place on a map, your home’s location should directly inform the positioning of the build as well as influencing how you will enjoy aspects of your surrounds such as the view or recreational areas.

Recent Adrian Zorzi build Tenuta is a perfect example of this. The dreamy countryside home features a large sunset deck on the west side of the building. To maximise the value of this feature, the position of the house was re-established prior to the commencement of building to ensure that a picturesque pocket of ocean could be viewed from the deck once the build was complete.

In an upcoming project, Adrian Zorzi have been appointed as official builders of Cottesloe’s latest apartment project, Overton Terraces. The site for Overton Terraces is beautifully positioned to enjoy views of both Cottesloe Beach and the Cottesloe Civic Gardens. To maximise on these views, residences have been designed with large double glazed windows, not only affording a stunning outlook but also offering effective protection and insulation from the elements throughout the changing seasons.

Embrace your lifestyle and indulge…

There are no hard and fast rules on what you should and shouldn’t include in your home design. Close discussion with your architect and builder should draw out the features that are going to be most useful to you and your lifestyle, allowing you to fully enjoy the space you are living in.

For some, the lure of open plan living is strong. Many with young families love the advantages of such designs as it allows them to keep an eye on their children while they complete other tasks such as cooking, working at their desk or enjoying a movie and glass of wine. For others, broken plan living is a more attractive option with its smaller, flexible living spaces affording a greater sense of privacy as well as being adaptable over time to suit different functions.

If you are someone who loves to cook, make sure you design your kitchen according to your needs. The kitchen is central to Struttura and was built to accommodate the way its owners prefer to use the space, utilising a sleek open layout, specifically tailored bench heights, and smart storage throughout. This sense of flow is carried through the rest of the home, including the bathroom where a lack of shower screens accommodates easy movement within the space.

Make sure you indulge your wants as well as your needs. Your home should be the one guaranteed place you can kick back and relax in true enjoyment of your surrounds. To this end, ensure your home’s design includes features that satisfy your favourite pastimes and guilty pleasures. For some this will be entire rooms, be they a theatre room, music room, library, bar, walk-in wardrobe or gym. For others it will be smaller features – a balcony with a view to enjoy breakfast, an inbuilt speaker system throughout the home to listen to music no matter which room you are in. Consider the way you most enjoy relaxing and discuss the ways in which you can enhance this experience within your home.

Build to make your life easier

Convenience is of top priority when building a smart home and the myriad of technologies and features that can be included in your design can go a long way towards making your life easier.

Gran Lusso stands as an epitome of grand luxury and includes an elegant use of technology. The home is fully automated with Control-4 and C-Bus automation, which are capable of centrally controlling virtually any device from lighting, music and video to security and energy.

The kitchen of Gran Lusso is completely electronic with servo-drive touch-to-open hardware controlling every opening element in the room, not only improving safety but functionality as well.

In another example, the Overton Terraces project will include keyless secure entry for all residences, which will allow owners to head down to the beach without having to worry about the safety of their keys while they enjoy the water.

Incorporate sustainability

Sustainable living started as a trend and is now becoming a mainstream necessity for our planet’s future. Adrian Zorzi home Natura, located in the South West, includes features such as a rainwater catchment system, solar hot water, solar PV panels and grey water reuse for garden water, making the home almost completely green and self-sufficient.

These features are not restricted in their practicality to just country areas. In an enviably sunny city such as Perth, the use of solar is a popular, efficient and long-term solution to decreasing the amount you pay for energy consumption, as well as making next to no impact on the environment. 

Another idea that is taking off is the use of rooftop gardens. A number of residences within Overton Terraces will include rooftop greenery, which not only creates a beautiful aesthetic but can also increase the effectiveness of insulation, reduce noise, recycle rainwater and can even capture airborne pollutants. 

Finally, the use of recycled materials, in particular timber and stone, will not only reduce the impact sourcing new materials would have on the environment but can also go a long way to injecting instant character and charm. Your choice of materials or even the location the materials are sourced from may be of personal significance to you. Adrian Zorzi build Impennata came with the request to include recycled wooden boards from the Hornibrook Bridge in NSW, a very specific request, but one the team were all too happy to make happen.

Through constant innovation and advances in technology, homes are now able to do amazing things. More than just a roof and walls to shelter us from the elements, our homes are capable of being our own ideal oasis; a perfectly tailored mix of bespoke rooms and design, controlled temperature, smart storage and comforting indulgences. 


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