Palm Springs style - perfect for Perth

Palm Springs style - perfect for Perth

Palm Springs in Riverside County, California has long held a reputation as a glamorous resort-type town, famous as a playground for Hollywood celebrities since the 1920s. Many actors, singers, producers and directors from Hollywood’s golden age owned luxurious Palm Springs homes including Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Dean Martin, Judy Garland, Walt Disney and more. Though Perth may not boast a list of residents as star-studded as that of Palm Springs there are many other similarities between the two. The warm climate, seeming isolation from the rest of the world and love of spending time outdoors draws many parallels to Perth.

Celebrities would flock to Palm Springs thanks to its picturesque surrounds and abundance of recreational activities including horse riding, golf, hiking, tennis, swimming and more. As well as drawing an enviable cast of A-lister residents, Palm Springs is synonymous with many iconic design elements and furniture pieces as its residents stayed on top of current and emerging trends. All of this makes Palm Springs style, which so effortlessly compliments the lifestyle of its residents, an ideal inspiration for houses in our coastal city.

Though the golden age of Hollywood has passed, Palm Springs has lost none of its aspirational appeal. The connotation of old-Hollywood glamour together with the impressive mix of architecture and design influences creates a feel to the city that is elegantly laid-back and effortlessly stylish. The myriad of architecture that can be seen throughout Palm Springs includes Spanish colonial, Hollywood regency and, of course, mid-century modern.

At the height of mid-century modernism in the 1960s, many Palm Springs homes boasted an Eames lounge chair, Arne Jacobsen’s ‘Egg Chair’, a sunburst mirror, and sputnik chandeliers. The sculptural forms, organic shapes and clean lines used in both architecture and interior design were reflective of a post-war mentality that embraced functionality over flashiness. Luxury no longer needed to appear over the top to be recognised as quality. Many of these design elements are still prevalent in modern architecture and design, particularly the use of clean lines and finishes and open spaces.

Creating the look 

Modern Palm Springs style can be broadly characterised as a minimalist and modern style with clean lines and finishes, mixed with old-Hollywood elegance and influences. To create this, the use of white is often prevalent in homes with pops of colour used to draw focus and attention. Yellow is a popular choice in lemon shades, blacks and neutrals will create a chic finish and navies and blues are classics that will never go out of style. For the more adventurous, geometric prints and patterns are a fantastic way to add interest and depth.

While the lines of much Palm Spring décor are kept neat and simple, the use of a mixture of textures and finishes allows for variation within the overall design and stops the look from becoming sterile. Think of using sleek and smooth finishes such as marble, glass, stone, timber and metallic finishes with softer touches such as velvet curtains, luxurious upholstery fabrics, linens and rugs. Gold and silver accents, clocks, mirrors, oversized lamps and a mixture of modern and vintage furniture will complete the overall look.

Much of the draw of Palm Springs styled homes is the continuity between indoor and outdoor living. Palm Springs has on average 350 sunny days a year and outdoor spaces are designed with the intention of being used as much as any indoor room. A flow between inside and out is created through the use of large windows, sliding doors, patios and pergolas, and of course a pool – Slim Aarons’ “Poolside Gossip” epitomises the image of fully enjoying the advantages of luxury outdoor living. This cohesion between inside and out is perfect for Perth residents where many homes are built along a waterfront, and large front and backyard spaces are common.

Perth enjoys a climate and surrounds that are the envy of many other cities around the world, allowing its residents to comfortably enjoy beaches, rivers, outdoor activities and living, buzzing cultural centres and a sociable community. Similarly, Palm Springs is all about enjoying the social aspects of life, relaxing in your home and surrounds with friends and family. A fabulous holiday destination and ideal design inspiration, Palm Springs maintains a character and image that is concurrently modern and vintage but always in style.


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