Recreating Hamptons Style

Recreating Hamptons Style

The epitome of relaxed beachy sophistication, ‘Hamptons’ has cemented its claim as an aspirational architectural and interior design style. Associated with crisp whites, shingled houses and luxurious open outdoor settings, Hamptons style is famous for its connotations of the affluent residents living in the Long Island group of villages from which it takes its name.

The coastal Hamptons neighbourhood was once home to farmers, fishermen and others of modest, working class living. Its seaside location and improved transport however soon brought popularity with a wealthier set of visitors who would eventually begin to stake a claim on the area, building ‘summer’ and ‘vacation’ homes along the Hamptons’ coastline. Now, the Hamptons host some of the world’s most influential businessmen and celebrities including Calvin Klein, Jerry Seinfeld and Ian Schrager.

Hamptons style is defined by an elegant appreciation of the area’s summer virtues and is designed to promote effortless transition between the indoors and out. In essence, it is casual beachside living with classic sophistication and style. As well as drawing on French provincial elements, typical Hamptons style celebrates coastal, natural textures, and the use of timber throughout the home is prevalent.

Though the style may have evolved in a seaside neighbourhood, residences do not need to be situated along a waterfront to emulate a Hamptons flavour. Much of the draw of the style is in the easy flow of leisurely living within your home. Creature comforts are indulged – think large kitchens, elegant but comfortable furniture, libraries and movie rooms, and spacious living areas. The feel of these rooms is then carried into the surrounding outdoor area of the property. Keeping things functional but chic, outdoor living spaces are created to be used as much as any indoor room, with outdoor kitchen and dining areas, large gardens, pools and even tennis courts featured in many a Hamptons home.

One of the most iconic characteristics of Hamptons style is the use of timber shingles on the exterior of the home. On some, this shingling is limited to the roof, while others use shingles over the entire exterior of the house. As residents sought to keep up with current architectural trends, new homes borrowed influences from an incredibly varied set of styles. Tudor, gothic revival, Victorian, stick and Queen Anne styles can all be seen hinted at in the area, while gambrel roofs and colonial details are other popular features. The use of shingles helps to draw unusual architectural aspects and complex shapes into a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing whole.

Classic Hamptons style architecture, as it has become popularly recognised today, includes the use of pitched ceilings, exposed wooden beams, and timber flooring and wall panelling. Large windows feature throughout with bay windows common and Palladian windows a standard among many homes.

Enhancing the abundance of natural light that bathes the interior of the house, no Hamptons home is complete without extensive use of white. Whether this is through white painted walls, furnishings or built in cabinetry, the reflective quality of the colour brings a sense of openness to the space, mimicking the relaxed feel of the beach. This is often accented with greys, navy and duck egg blues, and other neutrals and seaside colours which all help to deflect the heat of the sun. To create contrast and texture and stop the space feeling too bright, dark wooden floors are a popular choice in favour of lighter oak or cedar wood colours.

Located off Caves Road in Dunsborough, Adrian Zorzi build Illuminare is home to multi-award winning Flametree Wines. A landmark Margaret River Wine Region label, Flametree Wines were the recipients of Australia’s most prestigious wine award, the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy, with their very first red wine. A brand of such exceptional quality requires a welcoming Cellar Door of equal distinction and Illuminare does not disappoint.

In an elegant interpretation of Hamptons style, Illuminare features large gables, natural stonework, American walnut flooring and, of course, shingle roofing. The raked ceiling of the building’s main hall utilises white pine lining boards, which continue out to the eaves of the property and compliment the soft hues of the exterior. Guests are bathed in natural light thanks to the abundance of large windows and a verandah hugs the exterior of the building, allowing guests to appreciate the surrounding gardens during their visit.


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