Travel Inspiration: Hotel Saint Cecilia

Travel Inspiration: Hotel Saint Cecilia

What do you get when you mix the elegance of Victorian-period décor with rock ‘n’ roll glamour? A heady mix of luxury and effortless cool that is the inspiring Hotel Saint Cecilia.

Named after the patron saint of poetry and music, the Hotel Saint Cecilia sits nestled in the heart of South Austin, Texas. Sprawling across an acre-and-a-half property, the Victorian era building is well secluded from the bustle of the surrounding area thanks to lush grounds and six huge southern live oak trees.

Hotelier Liz Lambert crafted the Hotel Saint Cecilia with an image of Mick Jagger “with a Bentley in the driveway” in her mind, an homage to the decadence of 60s and 70s rock stars. Other muses throughout the design process included Bill Burroughs, Anne Sexton, and Hunter S. Thompson.

The hotel, originally built as the “Miller-Crocket House”, features five suites, three studios and six purpose-built bungalows. The furnishings are an eclectic mix of refurbished and restored antiques, custom-made installations and modern luxury.

Every room contains a handmade, organic bed by Hästens, Sweden. These are made with all natural horsehair, cotton, wool and Swedish pine – the St Cecilia is the only hotel in North America to feature these beds exclusively.

Designer’s Guild wallpaper is adorns many of the walls and a number of vintage pieces define the individual character of each room. There’s a shockingly pink road case paired with an American flag, antique bathtubs, opulent quilted leather couches, and chandeliers in almost every room.

Other vintage touches include the Citroën permanently parked at the entrance hotel and the papillionaire bicycles available to hire.

There is much for the rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast to be excited over with a library of vintage LPs, Rega turntables and Geneva sound systems in every room, and original prints from the Morrison Hotel Gallery featuring artistic ‘soulful sophisticates’ of the 60s and 70s. 

The primary colour used throughout the building is blue. The colour is used in an extensive variety of shades from deep, moody blues to vibrant and punchy blues. From wallpaper to upholstery, doors and doorframes to tiling, there is a touch of blue to be found in every room.

No expense has been spared on the exterior of the property. Patrons can enjoy breakfast outdoors under a poolside arbour. The secluded 50 metre heated lap pool is surrounded by crisp white sun lounges, striped umbrellas and, at the end of the pool, a striking pink neon sign. While it now reads “Soul”, the sign originally spelled “Louisiana” and was worked into its current form specifically for the hotel. 

A large black and white chevron tiled patio runs along one side of the building. Paired with black and white awning and red rattan Parisian café chairs the look is dazzling, an exaggerated use of a classic pattern. The surrounding gardens are filled with “tough natives, succulents, antique roses and exciting exotics”, each carefully selected by landscape designer Mark Word.

For those seeking a little lavish self-indulgence, the Hotel St Cecilia would appear to be an ideal candidate. The old-world-European-elegance meets lavish-rock-star feel gives the place a fantastic sense of grandiose fun.

More than anything, Liz Lambert wants people to leave her hotel feeling inspired; “A hotel shouldn’t just indulge. It should enrich.”


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