The Tandys

The Tandys, Yallingup

The Tandy family have lived all over the world, but the place they really feel at home is in WA’s south west in their Adrian Zorzi built home. Nik and Rachel Tandy had fulfilling careers with international companies in various parts of the world, but something called them back to WA to raise their three children. “Sooner or later, all of us feel a pull to the place in the world we really feel is home,” Rachel said. “For us, it’s the South West that ticks all the boxes.” Having renovated homes in the past, the Tandy’s eagerly stepped in to their first new home building experience with Adrian Zorzi. Rachel’s experience growing up around the building trade meant not just any builder would do. “What we wanted for our return to Australia was, first and foremost, a happy home,” she said. “But we had a strong idea of the type of builder we wanted to engage for our dream project.”

The Tandy family began planning their dream residence in advance of their actual return with the help of a long-standing local architect, Theo Matthews, and a respected local native landscaper, Sue Elscott. Adrian Zorzi was suggested to the Tandys by local friends. “After extensive research and review of local building styles, local builder-designers, plus research and discussions with a dozen local builders, we knew our best match was with Adrian,” Nik said. “Adrian showed us around his own Dunsborough home and we were thoroughly impressed with Adrian’s manner, his attention to detail, his use and selection of materials and his thoughtful and accomplished design.” “Adrian’s knowledge of local trades and tradesmen, and particularly his contacts and reputation amongst the materials suppliers that I was negotiating with, cemented his position,” Rachel said.

“Adrian Zorzi is set apart by his perfectionist nature, and his consistent performance in Western Australian buildings.” This, together with Adrian’s dedicated focus to single projects, meant the Tandys had confidence. “Unlike other builders and projects that we had seen locally, Adrian wouldn’t let attention drift nor the project slide from excellence,” Nik said.

“Adrian Zorzi is set apart by his perfectionist nature, and his consistent performance in Western Australian buildings.”


The Tandy’s sought wide, open spaces, areas that would cater to their love of entertaining and a home that would grow with their rapidly developing children. They had strict criteria for the living space, which was to have an open plan and a natural flow, while maintaining a clear delineation between the lounge and dining areas.

A carefully planned kids wing was to have a breakout area for play, so that bedrooms were kept just for downtime. A serene parent’s retreat with a separate bedroom and library area for Rachel and Nik makes the most of the view.

Architect Theo Matthews completed the building design process largely prior to engagement with Adrian. However, Rachel said she was guided to new ideas for finishes, fixtures and fittings by Adrian.

“Adrian and his team spent some time reviewing Theo’s design and immaculate drawings, and he had some unique views on how to improve certain aspects of the build,” Rachel said. “These were driven by Adrian’s cutting edge knowledge of window manufacturing, and so his suggestions dramatically improved certain aspects of the home and view, and fundamentally the overall openness of the home.”

The Tandy’s committed a great deal of trust in Adrian as the build was started and completed while they were still living and working overseas. “Adrian and the team made a great effort to concentrate the site communication times and give me their full attention when I flew in to review the crucial stages and discuss upcoming stages and material selections,” Rachel said. “Our confidence in Adrian was well rewarded with impeccable finishing and each of the stages was completed to the project plan scale and time schedule.”

The Tandy’s have recommended Adrian to other friends who have admired their home. “I think that seeing our home speaks volumes of Adrian’s dedication, attention to detail and level of finishing,” Rachel said.

The ultimate handover was concluded in time for them to move in for a true Aussie Christmas in their stylish new abode. “We love the ultimate flow of the home and the maximised aspect of the view from the show-stopper windows in both the living area and the parent’s wing,” Nik said. “Close behind would have to be the paramount entertaining kitchen with its perfectly twinned local Marri kitchen top and dining table, which tie the modern house to its inception in the love of the South West and its stunning landscape.”

Rachel said it is a home built for family life across all seasons. “In summer, as soon as the children step out from the car, there’s a separate wash area to leave the remnants of the beach outside and a shady place to hand those soggy wetsuits,” she said. “In winter the mud-room acts as a one-stop- drop to leave soccer, hockey and rugby kit in, with the washing machine directly opposite to stop those mucky uniforms from being trailed through the house.”

“It’s comforting in winter to have all three ovens and fire going and be surrounded by friends, letting all the kids toast marshmallows over the fire whilst the adults chill out,” Nik said.

The Tandy’s said their home not just met, but exceeded, their expectations for entertaining. “Our busiest, noisiest and happiest times are Christmas and Easter, when we have a home full of friends, and family fly in from around Australia and wherever they are over the world,” Nik said. “It’s not unusual to have a dozen kids to feed who then happily run around and play whilst we feed a score of adults around the main table.”

“In short, the home is paradise,” Rachel said. “Our home is loved, lived in and played in and around, just exactly in the way we hoped it would be.”

“Love, friendship, music and laughter surround our home and as our children get older and more independent, we hope those friendships and families grow,” she said. “We hope to build a lifetime of memories into the home that Adrian and his team have given us.”

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