Building in focus: Struttura

Building in focus: Struttura

With its earthy tones and use of contrasting textures, Struttura is a striking home. Bearing the highest quality in design, materials and construction that is the hallmark of Adrian Zorzi homes, Struttura stands not only as an award winning building, but as the home of its creator. Winning several awards including the Master Builders Association (MBA) South West Best Contract Home, and the Housing Industry Award (HIA) for South West Home of the Year, Struttura includes many innovative design features that culminate to create a fantastic bespoke home that merges raw, modern edginess with classically refined style.

Here, Adrian discusses some of the custom finishes and highlights of his South West home.

Q: There are number of raw, textured finishes used throughout Struttura. How do you approach incorporating these materials in the design, while making sure they don't clash with each other?

Adrian Zorzi: The colour tones are a big part of the decision making when it comes to the raw finishes. We really liked the Alpine stone cladding on this project as it matches the tones of the local granite of the South West but is in a very useable format. With this as a base we had to make sure that the other colours were in harmony. Thankfully there are a lot of tones in this granite so it was not overly limiting.

The American Oak look-alike tile is the other base element. This influenced the colours and even the matt finish and texture of the timbers and veneers throughout the build. Keeping fairly neutral with all of these colours is a great idea in order to make furnishing your home easy and prevent a home from appearing ‘dated’. 

Q: Two of the most functional rooms in a home are the kitchen and bathroom. What do you think are some of the key design elements that lead to Struttura winning awards for 'Best Appointed Kitchen' and 'Best Appointed Bathroom?

AZ: In the bathroom I personally love the lack of shower screens. The layout of the room flows easily and the cabinets are very functional and striking in design.

We spend a lot of time working with our clients and getting to know how they use their kitchens. This influences the positioning of all of the elements, from the fridge to the cooktop to the pantry to the sink. Everyone has a certain way that they conduct their operations in the kitchen. This layout is based on how I like to cook and how I spend my time interacting with my guests from the kitchen. There is definitely a trend towards kitchens being the centrepiece of a home and in this home this was one of our main focuses.

Q: Tell us more about the floating ceiling panels throughout the build and the overall lighting design.

AZ: The floating ceiling panels were from a simple idea we saw in a Frank Lloyd Wright home in the US. We evolved the idea quite dramatically and used the panels to delineate the functional spaces in the main living area. One panel outlines the living room with 5-point surround sound via ‘invisible speakers’ flushed in symmetrically to the dropped panel. The other panel hangs below and projects above and out from the centre of the kitchen, and the third helps shape the dining room with a gap between the panels housing 3 down lights positioned centrally over the dining table. All of the AC outlets are hidden up behind the panels and the panels are all backlit to provide soft light at night when watching a movie.

Q: What would you say are the key achievements and highlights of Struttura?

AZ: The home won a lot of awards including HIA ‘Best Regional Home’ in 2013 and HIA Southwest Home of the Year in 2013. It also won a fair share of MBA awards, which I am very proud of. On top of that, I think we greatly pushed the boundaries with ideas such as the dropped panels and the black ceilings. There is huge amount of work in the dropped panels and as this was an innovative design first for us, it was also a great challenge. I find this is one of the most rewarding factors in being a builder, I love trying new ideas and seeing them come to life.

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