The rooms you didn't know you needed

The rooms you didn't know you needed

Bespoke home design allows you to think outside the box as you begin to envisage a space that compliments both your personality and your lifestyle. There are the rooms essential to any house design – bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and living spaces – but what truly makes a home unique are the non-essential spaces, the rooms that accommodate creature comforts, personal or family interests and past-times.

Far from being superfluous, these additional rooms serve to heighten the enjoyment of your surrounds and encourage you to see and use your home as a destination in itself. Here are four room suggestions you may just discover you couldn’t live without.

Second Kitchen

The idea of a second kitchen may seem a little opulent at first but there are many ways in which it can enhance the ambience of your home.

If you love entertaining outdoors, an alfresco kitchen is an absolute must. Seen in the homes of actress Ellen Pompeo and leading landscape architect Jamie Durie, a second, open air kitchen allows you to continue socialising with your guests as you prepare a meal, thanks to the convenience of inbuilt appliances and food preparation spaces. For something extra special, why not consider a rooftop kitchen and dining space as seen in New York designer Campion Platt’s home.


A second indoor kitchen can also be a lifesaver when entertaining dinner guests, becoming the ideal, out of sight place to clear away the dishes and mess from the evening and leave noisy appliances such as the dishwasher to run without becoming the soundtrack to your evening! Usually smaller than your primary kitchen, this space is often more of a ‘casual kitchen’, perfect for morning or afternoon coffee, lunches and small meals and perhaps adjoins a breakfast alcove or office.


Maintain order in the most active household with a purpose built mudroom. The perfect space to transition between indoor and outdoor activities, this room is a small feature that can quickly become one of the most valuable.

Think of the mudroom as a second, casual entrance point – it’s not quite a foyer, nor is it a laundry though it often houses a sink and cupboards or shelving.  Mudrooms are a common feature in many English and North American country estates and homes. As the name suggests, they allow you to clean yourself of mud and mess from the outdoors before entering the rest of the house. Here in sunny Perth, the function of a mudroom can be easily adapted to suit our coastal lifestyle - it’s the perfect spot to remove your sandy thongs after a trip to the beach with the dog or muddy, wet shoes after a winter walk, and is the ideal place to hang hats, coats, jackets and umbrellas out of the way. Mudrooms are also a great space to utilise in-built shelving and storage to house extra linen, towels and other odds and ends.



Conservatories create a connection to the outdoors maximizing natural light and giving one the chance to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of indoors.

With the sky as your backdrop, use your conservatory as an extension of your kitchen or living areas or its own space in itself. They are an ideal place to enjoy the garden in winter, read a book, paint, or simply wile away the hours in your favourite chair. Careful planning of ventilation, position on the block, and the use of blinds or curtains will help reduce the amount of daytime heat in hot summer months, and allow the room will become the perfect setting for enjoying balmy Perth summer nights as well as cold winter evenings.


Your conservatory doesn’t have to be the traditional structure filled with plants and wicker furniture. Take cues from architecture around the world and create a rooftop conservatory to watch the stars, or even a sleek and airy living room or a kitchen conservatory. 

Nap Room

Indulging in a nap room is a choice you’ll never regret. As the name suggests, a nap room is designed to be a small, usually enclosed space, where you can curl up, have a nap, read a book or just escape the outside world for a moment. Plan the space to include things you like to relax with – a bookshelf, a record player, a chess set – and include comfortable furnishings such as a day bed, reclining chair, and ottoman.  For inspiration look to George Clooney’s Mexican villa retreat or the outdoor nap room designed by Beth Webb below.


A nap room is a smaller alternative to a spare guest room and can also double as an extra sitting room, perfect for catch ups over tea or coffee with a close friend. Even if your taste favours modern open plan living, you can still create somewhere that feels private, other than your bedroom, to create a sense of seclusion and peace.


There are many other extra rooms you might consider including in your home, after all it’s your space to indulge and design as you wish. From a music room to a home theatre, dressing rooms, games rooms, a gym, a library or even a ballroom the possibilities are endless.  Talk to our team today who are available to help you mould these ideas into something tangible and create a home that is perfect for you.




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